"If only I had a baseline!"

Natural Disaster - are you prepared?


Absolute Baseline is an independent unbiased survey of your property which details evidence of pre-existing damage and measures existing floor levels throughout.

The purpose of this is so that you have a starting point or snap shot of where your house sits on that date.

A Baseline Report can Guarantee you your proof of loss or the change to your dwelling in the event of a disaster.

Absolute Baseline protects you from EQC or your insurer from saying NO or minimizing your claim for damage caused by an earthquake or natural disaster.


How we came about:

Absolute Baselines inception was developed due to the Canterbury Earthquakes and what followed.

The inconsistencies seen when assessments were produced based on the guessed damage, the insurers were estimating likely damage whilst making a determination of historic.

Absolute Baselines idea was to rid the guess work and offer a service based on factual information relevant for claims settlement purposes. To do this we knew that properties would require pre assessments, capture the property in its current state before an event.

By doing this we can confidently eliminate the assessment phase guess work, our reports will pin point exact foundation, retaining wall, artificial areas and cosmetic damage areas caused which offers our clients assurance and confidence that their claim will be accurate and settled in a timely manner.

Not only is our service valuable to our clients but also the insurer.

We advocate for our clients by having a proactive approach and innovative service.

Baseline Values:

We are proactive in our approach, our innovative service and product is designed to offer complete security and confidence for claims settlement through accurate assessments.

Absolute Baseline Inspections are carried out by our experienced inspectors with the utmost professionalism and our reports are very thorough and easy to understand.

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“I recently obtained a comprehensive baseline report on my home from Absolute Baseline. It was a no brainer really, I now have peace of mind knowing that if there is ever a natural disaster that affects my most valuable asset, my insurance company & EQC will know what the condition of my property was pre-disaster and avoid lengthy disputes. I highly recommend getting this report done and Absolute Baseline were extremely professional when conducting the onsite assessment and quick to provide the report”– Mrs L Nelson, Upper Hutt


Single Level Property $599 incl GST

Two Storey Property $675 incl GST